Nose picking

From very young I have been a nose picker. I have also been known to eat them. As a child especially I was something of a compulsive nose picker. I would often have a bloody nose from picking.
I wonder how much this is an ASD (or other disorder)related trait. I know it comes under body focused repetitive behaviours.

Any other nose pickers here?

I like to pluck my nose hair with my fingers.


I have a friend who plucks his body hair but he is not diagnosed.

This thread made me want to pick my nose.

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Had a normal friend who used to collect his boogers on his bedhead…probably still does! Might be in the realms of ocd type behavoir!

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I once shook hands with someone who had just picked their nose.
It was a bit grose.

As a child I reckon I ate em​:hushed::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::blush:.
Bit grose really.

As a adult I do not eat them.
I may pick to clean my nose but I wash my hands pretty often and often bake with gloves on.

Understand people who do not want to shake hands with people.

God knowzzz what they may have been up too with those hands (no matter how fancy they look or are dressed…)

I actually have a sanitiser in my car and used to have one in my handbag at all times.

I think hygiene is important.

Picking your nose can damage your nose.

Be careful!

If there is a boogie sticking out it may be understandable to want to pick it away but it is good I think to wash hands afterward.

It is respectful to ourselves and others to keep good hygiene.

I am a hopeless grubb.

But I keep good hygiene and I want people to be able to trust that and me.

I do not lie.
I may only of lied a couple times or so in my whole life .

Good wishes to us with our hygiene etc.

Yes, I pick my nose first thing in the morning, I get dry boogers during night sleep. But then I stop doing it for the rest of the day.

I never do it in public nor in the presence of family members. One should learn to control bad impulses.

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I was a very frequent nose picker. Turned out to be due to excessive mucus production caused by perennial rhinitis (nose allergy) for which I now take Beconase nasal spray. It is estimated that 15% of the population have perennial rhinitis. Cured now and and am no longer a picker.

Ack- that’s my middle brother!
My mom once caught him doing it and flipped on the light in his bedroom much to her horror- a headboard full of boogers!
hehehe…she made him wash them all off. ew.

My mom would never under any circumstances allow us to touch our nose without a thorough wash with soap and hot water.
We used to tell her we were going to wait until we were an adult to pick our nose properly- like all the other adults sitting in their cars, drilling their noses up to their elbows…

Okay, for you booger eaters, I’m just dying to know, please indulge me,
Do you eat it for the taste, or the texture- as I’d image they wouldn’t have much taste…?

I prefer to pick scabs off, but never eat them.

That’s gross man. :face_vomiting:

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What’s more gross, the picking or just asking?
aw don’t you ever wonder?

I’m not trying to poke fun at anyone, I really was curious, since it’s not all that uncommon.


i pick mine but never eat them.