Pick your nose 👃

This thread also violates the premise of keep it clean on the forum.

I pick my nose and eat it, crunchy is better. I eat nuggets all day due to my meds and my lack of insight. I’m lying to get attention to the issue.

It’s meant to be a joke, so tough ■■■■ it’ll you’re offended.

I’m not embarrassed because I’m schizo and nicehat isn’t my real name. Who cares really?

dats gross bro…

I was just plucking out my nose hairs throughout the duration of a cigarette on the stoop of my building.



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I thought you gave up on this place too? You’re back?

ah man… real life proved to be a bore…

if I’m on a computer for too long I will wind up back on here.


It’s time for the gif


picking noses in public is the equivalent of a social death. it’s good that you only picked your nose hairs. literally dodged a bullet.

sure, I’m paranoid; but don’t say I didn’t want y’all.

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Professor Dr. Friedrich, a lung specialist in Austria, says picking your nose and eating it is healthy for two reasons: 1) “With the finger you can get to places you just can’t reach with a handkerchief, keeping your nose far cleaner.”

@firemonkey. Does this guy say the same for masturbation? I’m crying I’m laughing so hard…

I like to pluck my nose :nose: hairs with my fingers. Apparently that’s dangerous. Otherwise I’m stuck trimming them with scissors :scissors:!

Presume it tastes like chicken? Have a nose trimmer myself. Totally hate nose hair.

It’s like a rebellion in here
I like it


I rebel :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m a proud nose picker! Nah, I do it unconsciously in public actually so it’s not something I’m proud of.

My dad liked to make a joke of it though when he did it. :slight_smile:

He also was keen on the whole “pull my finger” gag…

What a goof.

I’m a nose picker. I don’t eat it though. I just wipe it into a tissue or something. I can’t stand the feeling of an unclean nostril.

plucking your nose hair with fingers must hurt a lot.

I remember, before I had sz, I used to go to the barber more frequently and he would trim my mustache then trim some of my nose hair. I guess he liked cutting hair so much that he couldn’t resist…

I pick then flick.

Never eaten it though… gross lol