i am thinking of trying noporn/nofap,i am getting more bad mood and disorganized speech(my bad mood lead to my psychosis and cognitive symptoms)i am very sure…

so i want to try noporn/nofap which means no masturbation hoping to stop my sz,i had once tried till 18 days but no effect…my doctor say nofap/noporn is useless but i got no choice but to try them because i am feeling very bad mood at the moment,should i try more other meds or stick with mirtazapine and try nofap?or should i trust my pdoc and see what he has got to say on this wednesday when my appointment comes?maybe i should try new meds,or will nofap help?

Never even heard of this “treatment.” I think you are grasping for straws.

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@alien99,am feeling really desperate,at age 24,no Girlfriend,just met a girll,if i remain this condition i would nv get any

Dude nofap/noporn is for meat heads who want to increase their testosterone levels. Its ■■■■■■■■. You need to try more meds, youre obviously symptomatic and suffering, K?

Jerk off all you want, just not in public or in a room full of your friends like I did once


I would say go ahead and fap in healthy doses.

I’ve been meeting a lot of guys who are NOT Sz and at 24, 25, 27 they don’t all have girlfriends either.

You will get a girl friend when you find the right girl. fap or no fap won’t change who you meet in a day.


Really - that is completely the case. I suspect that something like 50% of people of that age are not in a relationship - so its very normal. Not something to worry about too much. Just make the effort to get out and meet people and have fun.

Check this out:


The longest I ever went without blowing a nut was about a month and a half, during my first psychotic break. When I blew that nut in the phsy ward, i saw stars. I remember when my illness started to begin, playing gta4 and listening to the radio on the game. It was saying if you don’t masturbate for months your drug high is euphoric.

It is normal to pleasure yourself. Porn is healthy too, as long as it is the mainstream kind and not dark porn. I would not worry about not being in a relationship, you are quite young yet. Dont force the situation, allow it to happen naturally - you will meet someone special when the time is right. In the meantime keep on fapping! you wont go blind -

Lot of people here are saying fapping is healthy. Porn is healthy. Please checkout

I’m thinking of cutting way down on the caffeine, getting mild exercise, and doing transcendental meditation as a recovery program. I also plan to stay on the med’s.


It’ll make you grow hair on your palms.

Keep it normal enough, don’t think past kinky…Don’t want to feed the other people listening…some of the sex abusers are mental abusers. Keep replay/thoughts of any violence, SM, worse, out…Just depends who is listening about your psych symptoms probably… But Orgasm raises mood.

No female is complaining so, whatever is fine…

I’ve heard about nofap, but I cannot go more than a few days without masturbating. Good luck man. I doubt it will stop psychosis/schizophrenia. I’m sure that it will not.
Can definitely fix ED in young men tho, I think it works for that.

I tried this. It’s a bunch of crap pseudoscience placebo. Just my opinion lol. But excess porn could cause ed but I think it does nothing for moods