No fap schizoaffective

Does my schizoaffective bipolar affect my ability to do a long streak of not masterbating before anyone says anything im doing this because i want to for my personal beliefs with that said my i hope it wont send me into relapse because i read it can affect d2 receptors in the brain well anyway thats my long question


The only thing it might affect is your willy wonka lol.

Honestly it might just make you agitated if your used to doing it regularly. Agitation = stress. Higher stress can lead to possible symptoms.

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I’m not really sure of what you are asking? Are you saying you don’t masturbate?

There is nothing wrong with masturbating.

You might get usual withdrawals if you’re used to it. Just keep taking your meds. You should be fine.

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Ive tried a few times. But i find it very difficult to stop for long periods. Im schizoaffective aswell. I remember going for at least six months once. But i was very psychotic for most of that. There are tons of nofap coach content online like youtube and that. Thats all i can think of. Keep busy too i guess.

When you get older the desire does fade and you won’t do it much anymore.

You are going to walk around with a loaded gun