Noodles… what a stupid thing to argue over

The kid sis has been reading more and more about a gluten free diet and mental illness. I’m grateful she is doing all this research to try and keep me healthy. She’s been reading Radmedtech’s post on this topic and she’s hoping if I cut out the gluten, my paranoia levels will also go down and I can get my wish of being on lower doses of meds.
Odd to me… I don’t think I’ve been paranoid lately. But lower dose is a lower dose.

It’s actually making me paranoid thinking that I’ve been acting a bit paranoid.

She gave away, threw out and got rid of all the bread, the cereal, (my favorite included) and the noodles. :frowning:

This Gluten purge is very not fair in the middle of Christmas Gingerbread season. I’ve been really looking forward to a gingerbread bat. (She’s an “Adam’s Family” fan) I’ve been trying to tell her that I WILL look into Gluten free, but I’m NOT going to drop dead if I eat a cookie.

I’ve been buying noodles like crazy because she is fighting anorexia and she will at least try to eat if noodles are involved. So I’ve been buying more noodles and she been getting rid of them. She doesn’t want me cooking or eating noodles because she’s convinced gluten is now bad for me.

I want her to eat noodles because even though she’s hasn’t gained any weight; the other day was the first doctor’s exam in a while where she hasn’t lost any more weight.
We almost had an argument over this… noodles… what a stupid thing to argue over.

It’s cool that you have someone who cares so much for you. In the gluten free section in my supermarket they have gluten free noodles made from rice. I forget the name of them.

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Hi J, I have been on a gluten free diet in the past. It worked ok for me, but no drastic improvements. I was on it for many months, but I quit because I love pasta and bread. For some people with sz, going on a gluten free diet drastically helps them, it’s very much an individual thing. Now I am on a low carb diet, I have been gaining some weight and I have diabetes so this is my best kind of diet option for me right now.

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Cool, thank you for that. I like Rice noodles, and she will eat them too, but I feel it’s the normal noodles that have been helping her stop loosing weight. Even if it’s just a few bites. She’s 5’10" and about 103 pounds.

I don’t plan on bingeing, but I can have a cookie. :wink:
:cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

I have a best friend who has gone gluten free and has on occasion sent me articles about the connection between SZ and gluten. I take it all with a grain of salt… :smile: If you read enough articles they are connecting SZ with well almost anything and everything. One article she sent me was that even if you got tested for celiac disease which is a gluten intolerance and the test came back negative then you could still have a problem, not to believe the test. I stopped watching the article at that point. I understand that she is trying to help but my son does not have any symptoms of celiac disease or gluten intolerance. Gluten is something that our bodies have a hard time digesting so yes being careful of how much you eat is good but I don’t see the point in going overboard with it. I look at it this way. Everything in moderation. Even too much healthy foods can be bad for you if you go overboard.

I do take steps to limit gluten but I don’t stress myself over it. Sometimes when buying frozen pizzas we will get a whole wheat one instead of a white dough one. I don’t buy plain white bread anymore instead different types of grain breads. I read an article about the items they use to substitute to make it gluten free can actually be bad for you too. When I sent this article to my friend she stopped bringing it up to me lol Rice noodles and whole wheat pastas are good choices. Plain white rice, potatoes, vegetables and meat are gluten free as far as I know. So just eat healthy.

By the way, I don’t think you are being paranoid. I think kid sis is just being proactive.

If I have the choice between my son eating gluten or not eating… I will pick eating gluten :smile:

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That right there made me think of a sneaky brain. I told Dad about the gluten purge when I saw him yesterday. He first said, “So she’s using this as way to stop eating again?” I didn’t look at it this way at all. I know she’s trying to help. She reads the articles, and asks questions about gluten and SZ. She’s been reading huge books on diet and health. She’s been trying to get answers. But this sudden… broad sweeping gluten purge, Dad’s question and that comment right there… I just asked myself… “is it possible that she being motivated by a sneaky brain and doesn’t know it?” How insidious can anorexia be?

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I won’t say the thought didn’t cross my mind… Work out a compromise that you can both deal with.

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I’m going to coin another phrase “sneaky brained thinking” I wonder how you fight that. I wish brains wouldn’t be so sneaky. It’s like… you have watch them every second. Now I’m trying to figure out how to put other things in soup that will help her stop loosing weight. I know people put sour cream in gazpacho, but this is hot soup season.

i dont like noodles, i think they are tasteless but i love a nice chicken chow mien and that has egg noodles and is a healthy stir fry with bean sprouts and onion and soy sauce,

i cooked it myself once with chopped peppers and mushrooms, onions and it was good when i had my ulcer and i was unwell. i should cook more really, i have olive oil as well and that is supposed to be better for cooking with.

Oh goodness! I never intended for that to happen while sharing my experience with gluten-free :frowning:

It HAS worked for me, but most of the research suggests that it might not help EVERYONE.

It’s very frustrating at first, having to give up your favorite foods. But like I said, you can always find an alternative. There are great gluten-free cereals. Those made with oats or rice, like Chocolate Rice Chex (yum).

If your sis needs the noodles, then you should get them! It’s important for her to be healthy. You can just use some self-control and eat something else.



If gluten-free diets worked for everyone with SZ that would have been headline news by now and 99% of SZ’s would be on one. Why would something that successful be hard to research? Is this another conspiracy theory?

Please please don’t feel bad about this. I really am sorry if that happened. I think it’s sneaky brained thinking for her. I do believe she’s motivated by concern, but that anorexia brain can be sneaky.

It’s just like addiction brain… always under the surface. I think her brain latched on to that and just thought it was time to jump into action. Logically it’s a good thing that she isn’t loosing even MORE weight… (5’10” and still growing but only 103? Was almost down to 98 pounds when we realized there was a problem there) But emotionally she’s getting a little freaked out that she’s gained 5 pounds in three months.

Just like me now going through a stint of logic vs. emotion. I have a feeling that with everything that happened to her over the weekend, maybe she’s going through a sting of logic vs. emotion as well.

Please don’t feel bad. She’ll get better. I don’t want you to feel bad. I’m just trying to tell her that want works for one person doesn’t always work for another.

I am so glad you are feeling better and doing better. I do hope you keep posting your progress. There is hope for us all and you’re doing great.
If it works for you, let us know. I don’t get ideas on how to get better with out the ideas of others.

Ah, that makes a lot of sense why she’s going through that. With everything that’s happened recently.

I look at it this way. You going gluten-free isn’t as important as her physical health. So that should be the focus right now.

And I’m glad that you realize that the gluten-free diet isn’t for everyone. That’s a very important distinction that needs to be made.

I was just one of the lucky ones.




I can’t seem to find a simple answer to this basic question,

17 still growing, 5’10, female… what would be a healthy weight about?

I don’t think it’s 103, but when I try to look it up on line fashion sites come up and say that less then 90 pounds is great. ???

At 5’10", a healthy weight would at minimum be 135 lbs. At max, 165.

Hope this helps!



Source: Epocrates Mobile, 2013

Don’t look at fashion sites… They are part of the problem. radmedtech’s guidelines sound about right. I don’t own a scale so I really don’t know what I weigh for sure. I’m 5’4" and weigh about 145 lbs. Currently going through a self love phase so I’m ok with being a little over :smile: Try not to worry as I know your sis has an appointment coming up for therapy so it will work out.


Maybe you should take a doctor’s opinion before becoming gluten free, you might not have a gluten deficiency, maybe you can do the diet to tell if you are going to benefit from excluding it off your menu, I did read radmedtech post about gluten and sz, and I did a research, it’s not conclusive at all that schizophrenics might have a gluten deficiency or allergy, I did the diet and I tried to see if I get any symptoms to being allergic to gluten but I got the same results from eating other food which are gluten free, any way this is my own experience…I guess your sis is removing the food that will make her gain weight and she found that they might harm you too, I’m sorry to say that but, I guess I would do what your sis did if I was in her place, protecting my self from carbohydrates…I’m sorry again kid sis, that’s what I think.

dark sith sits next to the mountain of bread, cereals, cookies and noodles J is not going to be able to eat this Christmas ! oh dear ! santa’s going to be very fat this year sitting with dark sith having egg nogg , and munching on all J 's gluten ’ filled ’ food and watching yet again another repeat of the wizard of oz !
take care
p.s enjoy your celery and rice cakes mmmmmmm…


I would like to say that with the help of my cleverly disguised slick car, I will find a way to infiltrate the gluten stores and get a cookie… That’s why they call me Bond… James Bond… :wink:


" you are cunning and devious Mr Bond, " said the man with the bald head, in the white suit, stroking the fat white cat !.
" activate SPECTRE , and keep a look out for the cleverly disguised slick car of Mr Bond !
take care

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