Goodbye. Seriously. Gluten sensitivity. Delusions under control


Goodbye. Seriously. Gluten sensitivity. Delusions under control.


I like your posts a lot @anon93437440

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How long have you controlled your delusions with a gluten-free diet?


What happened with the NSI 189 and the cerebrolsyn?

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I gave up gluten and dairy for 6 months and it did nothing

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Goodbye @anon93437440! You fight that gluten! Burn all the bread mills to the ground. I never trusted chapatis, nothing should be that delicious with dal.


I love you Sagar Gorijala!

I have Celiac disease, and for me, the diet is a must. But I wouldn’t recommend it for people without a medically verifiable illness.

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I still have delusions. But, the intensity has decreased. I must use Olanzapine 20 mg every four or five days. Delusions severity has indeed decreased. I must say the “Grain Brain” book by Dr.David Perlmutter clearly says we can’t cure Schizophrenia which if caused by Gluten sensitivity but we can get a relief from it a little later like few months and can work towards recovery. Today I came up with this…

What is my health?
What are my thoughts?
What is my identity?
What do I do?
I am alive. What is happening?

and no more garbage quotes. My next topic is exactly this and at the end “Goodbye”.

Your quotes aren’t garbage Sagar, I enjoy them.

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I do much better without gluten and dairy.

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What are u trying to prove man…sz is sz…no it doesnt have a cure… its due to gene…!!! U must accept it …take care buddy…!!!

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The truth is everything effects sz… which is a good thing… cutting gluten helps a lot for many people… So does not being homeless, not addicted to drugs, sleeping well, being physically active, not having a shithead for a boss…etc…etc…

Anything which helps organize the entropy in your body and mind will probably help and certainly some things more than others.

What happened @anon93437440 ? You sent me a PM and to others too, group messaging or something similar but it got flagged that PM so i didn’t read it. But also a post here of you got flagged hahha. You are so flagged by members.

Schizophrenia is a VERY SEVERE disorder.


Not cured… But better managed like diabetes

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Had a terrible terrible time months ago reg this.

I had been chugging down laxatives and fibre drinks like crazy and in so much pain. Now for the most part I’m about 90% gluten free.

It’s very very difficult to stick to it 100%. But I try as close as I can get. All my symptoms cleared up and no need for anymore fibre drinks or lactose

This diet lacks in things though. One positive that’s come out of it is I eat more fresh food. I’d never recommend a diet to anyone. A balanced diet is just better. But if something causes you health problems stop eating or drinking it see your doctor etc.

And the bread sucks.

Alll the best with gluten free I was lost at first and overwhelmed. But you start to find more and more things out there. And supermarkets and getting more stuff in these days. And restaurants cater quite well.

Why do I have to completely bite my lip every time you talk. Its about time that you know something , until you start demonstrating some recovery, then your pronouncements on matters of recovery, politics, sociology, psychology and all the rest, are hollow. Its only a problem for me personally, because you are one of these blokes that want to lead, influence , etc, etc yet are happy to stay at home and let everyone else guarantee your security and sustenance while not doing much to help yourself…

Well at least you seem to be taking some meds, I give you that…