Cream in coffee

cream in coffee , can’t beat it

Love me some cream and Splenda in my a.m. coffee.

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By cream do you mean actual cream or milk? Where I live people usually only mean milk.

unless you have afternoon tea in a hotel or after a meal you don’t usually get cream in coffee, just milk.

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Once I ran out of milk… but I has some vanilla ice cream left.

A teaspoon or so of vanilla ice cream in coffee… :yum:

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I use cream not milk.

I like cream in my coffee, but I’m currently not allowed to have it. Been putting a bit of honey in my tea these days. I do have cream on my oatmeal some mornings, which is awesome.



I tried cream in my coffee for a little while, but I found that the taste of the cream stood out too much - now I use whole milk instead.
I can taste the coffee better

Makes me think of the following joke:

A man goes into a cafe and asks the waiter for a cup of coffee, without cream. The waiter goes away, but returns again within a couple of minutes. "I’m so sorry sir’’ he says. ‘‘We don’t have any cream. We have milk though. Would you like your coffee without milk instead?’’


I drink hemp milk good milk alternative that’s creamy not watery.

Single,double,or whipped?