No willpower to change, oh well, haha

It happens every time, every time I decide to stop smoking, I get about an hour into quitting and bail out when the anxiety comes creeping in…I am finally going to stop trying to quit…I’ll never do it, at least as far as I can see…I am cutting down to every thirty minutes to smoke and that’s the best I can do for now…that way I can at least afford them? If I ever say I’m going to stop smoking again, just remind me …no, I’m not, never happens…

Ah man that is sad. Its tough that is for sure. I’ve got a good support system and no money so that helps. I ■■■■■■■ love cigarettes though. Im quitting though.

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when I quit I started spacing out the times I smoke a little more each time on like the first day I made myself go 10 minutes longer than usual
each day into the process I added 10 more minutes

thats a long road. I found it best to just stop. Making myself wait just pissed me off. I can be pretty impatient.

You should try the E cigarettes. I have been using one, and havent smoked in several months. It’s a lot cheaper than cigarettes too.

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Get on the gum, Jukebox. You can order the Target brand cheap. Chew half a piece at a time. It will save you money + your lungs.

I much prefer the gum. No ups and downs. I chew it all the time. I’d never go back to smoking.

Maybe try alternating between cigarettes and the quick mist, gum or lozenges. I’ve been doing that for awhile. At least it will save your lungs a little. It saves money too. The quick mist absorbs faster than gum so it hits you right away. That’s why I use it.

There is no use in trying to quit.

What you have to do is actually quit.

Once on TV I saw a cop tell some guy to quit taking drugs. The guy responded by saying that he can do it because he has quit hundreds of times before.

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I know it’s frustrating, I’m trying to quit myself, but you can quit. It’s not easy I know but don’t give up. There are free programs available to help you.

I would not kneecap your efforts to become healthy. Besides, the only time a person really fails is when they give up.

I think you have a lot of will power, just… maybe your trying too much at once.

You’ve been working on cutting back the pot… change 1
You’ve been kicking the alcohol out of your life… change 2
You’ve been working on NOT kicking your girlfriend out of your life… change 3
You’ve been working on reconnecting with your family… change 4

I’d say, don’t beat yourself up about not making the smoking just yet. One thing at a time my friend… one thing at a time.