No more unusual belief from me

I am not going to make any other unusual beliefs post.

I just experienced a bad hour of out of reality.

Ever thing started to connect in one way or the other.

Sorry guys if you guys too got triggered.

No more unusual belief from me.


That’s the reason Unusual Beliefs exist.
So we can vent. Don’t beat yourself up.

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I was doing all fine for many days, as soon as I posted about voices everything connected. :cry:

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My voices don’t want me to share them with people

You *can, I was talking about me.

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I know. What do they say?

I don’t know @Om_Sadasiva

Do you know how they make you feel?

I started to hear now.
People in the background.
Now they became silent.

You feel them? You hear them?
Do they have bad intentions?

Yes they shout, and my conscious is connecting them with a story.
I was of no help for self and for others.

What kind of story?
Could you elaborate?

Now street dogs are fighting.
Sorry I forgot.

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