No more pets. steve is missing!

I think he moved so he could mate, or maybe one of the neighbors dogs got him. they were always hunting steve. I tried to help him out and would feed him steamed corn. he had it so good under my garden shed. but haven’t seen him in 4 months now. maybe he moved to the river instead of the creek.

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this is not steve, just a picture off the internet. a groundhog eating corn.


Does Steve look the same?

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yeah…pretty much. he was getting fat. I worried he wasn’t in a good spot to get food but he had a healthy weight. usually they come out as the sun is starting to go down and it cools off. 6pm or so. that’s when I would see him and over at mom and dad’s they come up on the yard about that time.

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Cool, we get foxes sometimes

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I’m sorry you can’t find Steve. I hope he turns up eventually. With wild animals, they sometimes just go away for a bit. My school had a lot of groundhogs, and they weren’t nearly so friendly. They would chase freshmen and really freak them out. All the upperclassmen know to just make a loud noise.


I kept waiting and waiting to catch a glimpse of him. because your right, usually he would turn up after a month or two. but no sign of him for months. he was all by himself over here. I think he moved to the creek when the river flooded a couple years ago, so maybe he moved back, or the dogs got him.

really? didn’t know they could be aggressive, steve was deathly afraid of me, he would always run to the safety of his burrough whenever he saw me outside.

I have a history with beavers

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