And there was much rejoicing! the prodigal pet has returned!

steve is back! going to need to go to the grocery soon to get some corn. :grinning:


Yay Steve! :grinning:

Can we get some sweet pics?


I’ve been waiting by the window, trying to get a picture of him. but he hasn’t come out of his burrow yet. I’ve yet to catch steve on camera, he’s like bigfoot or the giant squids. thought to exist but yet to be documented. I will keep waiting by the window trying to get a picture. he saw me outside this time and just looked at me, then went into his burrow. normally he runs for safety when he sees me. last week I thought maybe steve was back because I heard something run off into the weeds in the woods when I pulled up in my mom’s van. but couldn’t be sure it was him, I had given up on him coming back. but I just caught a glimpse of him.

maybe I need to get one of those deer cameras and set it up outside to catch him. (TW) I wonder if he’s a paranoid schizophrenic and believes he’s being watched? haha jk

when I know he’s around a try to feed him corn once or twice a week, it’s tough foraging for food all the time. I don’t want to feed him everyday though, so he will still be a wild thing.




now we wait. I had no corn in the house, but I warmed up some lima beans. hopefully steve likes lima beans. maybe he will come out of his burrow for a feast!


Steve watch 2019. :smile:

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sorry folks. the lima beans weren’t enough to entice steve tonight. I think he’s in for the night. going to get to town tomorrow and pick up some corn. will probably set it out about 2pm and wait for him by the window. maybe I can get a picture of steve soon.

I noticed today that the groundhogs over by the river were out earlier in the day. probably because the days are getting shorter.

we need proof of steve. this gives me purpose. I need to document steve. he is a superstar all the world will love.

also im looking into getting a deer camera. if I can find one under $100 I will purchase.

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one last photo for the night. up to date. no steve. just wanted to show off my red barn, propane tank, and car port. haha, in case you didn’t believe me.

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I’m assuming Steve is your pet orangutan?

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just ordered a wildlife camera with night vision. not too bad of a price $60 bucks.

@77nick77 , yes pet orangutan, he likes it when I scratch his belly haha, jk.



was just doing my research and came across this. thought it was funny.

says they hibernate first frost, so hopefully I get a picture of steve before he goes into hibernation mode in late October or early November.

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