No matter how many times I tell myself it's not true

I believe aliens are watching me within the form of a spirit. The watching my every move. No matter how hard I tell myself it’s not true at the end of the day I believe it no matter what.

I’m tired of this and nothing or no meds can stop it


Didn’t you say you’re seeing a therapist now?

I feel like that’ll really help you with this.

Yes I am going to see a therapist next year. I also think she is going to help me. Things have got to change so it’s about time I make the change.

I actually took your advice.


I really think you’re going to benefit a lot from therapy,

You just have to keep an open mind and work at it.

I’m sending you chill California vibes, homie…

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I also believe I’m being watched and even Clozaril doesn’t take it away. I believe I’m being watched from the sky.


Thanks Rex.

@stellaglow yea it’s irritating I can’t get it to stop. Sometimes it’s from the sky sometimes it’s intertwined with spirits. It’s changes but I can feel a presence watching me.

For me sometimes it feels like the voices are not a part of me like they are something else and they watch me and maybe that’s why I see shadows and odd forms etc. But then maybe it’s just another of my delusions. Everything about this disease is confusing

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Try to do things that relax you. Maybe aroma sauna. Praying. Forest music. Maybe a walk in the forest or park.

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I have been through it. They aren’t real. Just keep engaging in stuff. Dancing has worked wonders. Improvising to music allievates the ■■■■■■■■.

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No they are not real ,but your right, no matter how hard you try to fight it it just gets worse. So if you can’t beat it join it. So what if they are watching why care about it. They’re not acting on anything they have no desire to do anything or they would have by now. If you can’t change your delusions change your attitude towards them and how you react to them. Then when you get calm your delusions go away or have little effect on us. My best defense was prayer I figured if God is for me who could be against me. Best wishes in your battle.

I know how that feels. It is horrible and traumatizing.
You should not care anymore if you’re being watched or not. Not much will change whether it is true or not but you might find peace.

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