No klonopin today

Weaning off. Didn’t take it today. Feel more full of energy!! Less need for coffee!!! More crazy and eccentric but in a good way… at least for me. Think I might get more mania so I apologize in advance. I look very clear

Im the baby in the background :baby:


When I came off it, I did it this way:

I took a pill
Every other day for 2 weeks
Every 3 days for 2 weeks
Every 4 days for 2 weeks
Etc until I could come off it completely.

Take it slowly.


Smart everhopeful. I was gonna take it tomorrow but go a little faster then that. Your method is best tho. I will also use the splitting method and come off slow. Fortunately I only take .5 anyway. Last time I went without klonopin I said “I feel human again!!” But then the anxiety was unmanageable. It’s time though.

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Is klonopin a benzo?


Yes it is one of good benzo…???

I was only taking 0.5mg as well. I still found it very difficult. But everybody is different. I think @wave came off it quickly and easily in the end.

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I took them a few times to help me relax as prescribed by the gp . I really loved them but my p doc took me off them as I have a drug history so I’m pretty stoked I only tried them for a brief period as I’m sure I would have got hooked …

I apologize for not contacting my pdoc before making this decision but I called him after this thread and he said to come in for 10 minutes today at 130. Glad I called him. Technically I haven’t skipped my dose yet because it’s “once daily” even though I take it morning always. So he will tell me what to do.

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It took me about a month and a half total to come off of Klonopin completely.
No actually it took a little longer, but what I did was kept cutting my dose down weekly.
I too was on a 0.5mg dose.
I suffered minimum withdrawal symptoms.
Easier than I thought it was going to be.
Good luck @Jonnybegood!

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Good luck. There’s a good chance you will be able to stop it.

I take 2 mg a day since 2001 because of a bad medication management by the doctors I had during these years. Now it’s almost impossible to stop it because I’m completely addicted to it. My psychiatrist says that Clonazepam (Klonopin) is not effective anymore for me and that I will take it for the rest of my life only because I’m addicted.

If you’re the baby in the background then who’s the guy in the hat?! Lol.

I’m on klonopin but I don’t need to take it every day. (I actually haven’t needed it since I went off geodon a couple weeks or so back) so I am hoping to avoid a difficult quitting time. I use it as an emergency med now vs every night like I used to with Ativan.

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I love that you made sure to get yet another picture of you in the picture of you.

I’m happy you feel good off the klonopin,

It can be a real life saver sometimes, but I have mixed feelings about everyday use with that stuff.

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yeah I actually saw my pdoc and he said “take .25 for 5 days then go off it and take it as a PRN after that” he actually asked if I needed more klonopin rofl