No interests anymore, nothing to do

I dunno why it’s just nothing interests me besides maybe the New York Yankees right now. I look forward to their games then I’m bored the rest of the day. Maybe I’m putting too much pressure on myself. Earlier I took a 3 hour nap and it was the best thing that could’ve happened to me. Now time for dinner, and then the Yankees.

It wasn’t just these 2 days completely sober. For weeks, maybe months I’ve been feeling no interests.

Well scrambling for interests but never finding anything.

My plan for tomorrow is to watch a movie Gangs of New York I have it on dvd but we’ll see if that idea will stick. Tried watching it twice. Liked the first 15 mins of it but stopped watching anyways. What’s this anedonhia??


It sounds like a mild case of anhedonia, yes.


I did apply for a job today. I applied in person for the Friday and Saturday shifts at a deli as a cashier. Maybe that’ll make things more interesting??? And give me more meaning for living


Good on you for applying for the job. Hopefully you’ll get it, that sounds like a great way to interact with people

Are you not doing your music right now?

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Not so much right now. But in fairness it’s only been 2-3 days since I made a cage the elephant cover.

But I like to read usually to get ideas for inspiration but nothing interests me right now. I’d say it’s hard to write lyrics with no real interests outside the music itself. Where im lacking too.

Listening to music has taken a backseat as well.

Everything seems so empty and pointless tbh.

I like AA and im def gonna give it a chance but today after the meeting I felt pretty depressed/tired/anxious/miserable before my nap.

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You’re facing some new things my friend. Anyone would be anxious.

It will be, what it will be, for as long as it will be, and then it won’t. That’s one of my sister’s sayings.

It’s just a phase Bud. You’ll feel weird for a while, and then you come out the other side. In the meantime, take it good and slow.

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I find that having experiences, whether I enjoy them or not is a good way to live. I can go to a comedy club and not laugh but still enjoy myself.

Yes! Doing something you know is interesting whether you enjoy it or not is a good way to live life.


If you got at least one interests you can try focusing on that? I usually dive myself into one topic at a time and it keeps the anhedonia away at least while im doing something

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When I get bummed, sometimes I’ll record a Rage Against the Machine Style song. Scream your f****** guts out, and feel alive again!

Gonna break this rusty cage… And run!
~ Soundgarden ~

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Yeah, my job is vacuuming and mopping and cleaning restrooms. Not very interesting but when nothing is happening I fill the time and create interesting thoughts, situations. Yeah, I fill in the blanks with interesting thoughts and the remaining 20% really is interesting with being around interesting people and real interesting situations. THAT’S the positive thing about a job. Good luck getting that deli job.


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