No cigarettes no cashI'm poor

paydays are the pits you know sooner get it then it’s gonerent 325 Electric 215 water 46 gas 75 car insurance 48 did I mention I’m broke yet

Reminds me of when I first moved out on my own and was pinching pennies and eating ramen noodles 3x a day. My rent was $725 for a small 0 bedroom studio and I only made $1,100 a month. Didn’t pay for water though and my electric/gas was rarely ever past $30 ($200 to run my AC in the summer). Car insurance was $60 I think. All-in-all I had $165 after bills for food/gas per month on average. At my poorest point, I made rent by 16¢. Did that for 5 years before I got married which effectively cut almost all my bills in half. Living broke sucks.


know how u feel. in one hand, out the other :frowning:

i just quit my job again for like the 13th time. i know how you feel. been getting my mom to help me with stuff like cigarettes and things like that. Will your family help you?

Ugh…I remember such days living paycheck to paycheck… It’s the rent & utilities trap…paying for the right to inhabit someone elses building in 30 day increments.
Try to do your best to save money and buy undeveloped land, then build on it, even if it’s just a little shack at first. I did that and now have a 1000 square foot house. It is really worth it.

Problem is with disability they have asset limits so its really hard to save enough to buy land… They cap you at $2000 single and $3000 married. But if you have to you can find sellers that will finance and some land payments are only about $100 - $150 a month, so you could still swing that. can find used trailers for under $1000…there are ways…

This used to belong to a friend of mine and cost him only $600

I live on SSDI and pay all of my bills at the beginning of the month. So I got paid today and I’m literally making it by the rest of the month with $4 lol. Thankfully, I have enough for cigs, but only because I smoke an incredibly cheap brand called Sport menthol. They’re harsh and a bit bitter tasting, but at least give me my nicotine fix.

No more marlboros for me lol.



Disability? I thought that was just with SSI. I have SSDI and when I applied, I tried for SSI for the hell of it and was told it had an asset and income limit so I didn’t meat the requirements because the wife works full time. But nothing was said about SSDI. Plus my dad was on SSDI and saved up enough to buy a small house with cash. (Though it’s like 50 miles from the nearest grocery store. Lol)

No ciggies is a good thing! Hear ya on the $$$ flying out the door. Property taxes are due this month. Ouch.


Oh, that’s what I mean…SSI…From what I understand SSDI is something you earned working so doesnt have the limits. Most people I have known get the SSI though and have that asset limit dilemma