What eats your paycheck the most

truthfully I am not really interested in what eats your paycheck I’m sure like alot of most people it’s your significant girlfriend or boyfriendbut on your average bills what may seem to eat your paycheck for most for me right now it’s the electric company

Medical bills and insurance.

sorry to hear that do you not have good insuranceI suppose you bothered to the Obama plan

Rent is extremely high in the inner city area where I live. And they’ve stopped even putting people on a waitlist for Section 8 housing here.
So I live in a tiny studio and use over half my check to pay rent.

Second would be electricity. Especially in the 100° summers.

Life on SSDI is tough. You have to be very thrifty.



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I shopped around in the suburbs and found a house for 1/8of the normal price on rent it is still half my income

Have any of you applied for public housing? If you’re officially disabled you can live there. Rent is much cheaper.

Insurance takes the biggest chunk I’m finding.

Heating oil takes my biggest chunk of change.

car insurance. I’m lucky to have a car at all.

Cigarettes take most of my money. I smoke 1 1/2 packs a day and at $6.50 a pack it adds up. I’m really not good with money. I spend it on things I don’t need and then at the end of the month I’m scraping pennies. :sunny:

Cigarettes have been the culprit that devours my check too…but I am stopping again soon…I have decided not to binge drink, or drink at all for that matter anymore so I won’t feel tempted to have a cigarette like I do when I used to drink…

Rent makes the largest dent in my income.

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Rent to my in laws take most of my money then second is my partner’s hospital bill. After that I don’t have much left.

Rent, toothpaste, dish soap, hand soap, toilet paper.

Rent takes the biggest bite for me. I don’t have insurance yet, so I don’t know how that will work.

utilities take much of mine, then food shopping for the four of us, then car insurance, petrol, though i try to save as much as i can.

Rent, then cigarettes. Rent which I pay to my parents is $300 per month. Cigarettes are about $260 per month. Then gasoline, which is more when I am going to school. If my parents die, though, I am totally screwed. There’s no place where you can live for $300 per month, which is all I can afford.

Actually there are. I rented a trailer for $240 a month before. It was small but it was warm and had electricity. My house is less than $200 a month because I own it, but I had to work and save and build to get what I have…so am only paying utilities.

I don’t think anything “eats” my check on a regular basis… utilities are less than 1/4 of it, then I would have to say food is probably the biggest so I/we am the one eating the largest part of the check… but there is still leftover.

I dont smoke but what is this cig expense of $6.50 a pack and 240 a month? I see generic cigs for about $2.19 a pack and last year saw some in a gas station for $1.79 a pack. Its only brand name cigs filled with extra addicting agents and poisons that cost so much…the generics and loose tobacco actually have less of the hidden poisons, though they are still bad for you.

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Where do you live that cigarettes are so cheap? I buy generics, the cheapest they have, and they are $6.50 a pack. I could roll my own, but I like buying them already rolled. It seems like they keep raising the taxes on them. Soon they are going to tax e-cigs, which is crazy because they help people quit smoking. In New York cigarettes are $12 a pack. I should just quit. :sunny: