No ambition, no interest and no motivation. And you? What do you recommend?

No ambition, no interest and no motivation. And you? What do you recommend?

The fishbowl looks the same from here.
Don’t have any recommendations unfortunately…Everything turned flat.

Read up the Maslow hierarchy of needs,maybe it can give you some insight


The oldest adage about gaining motivation is that you don’t wait for it to magically strike you out of nowhere. You do a little something and that motivates you to do another little something and that motivates you to do something else. It’s like a vicious circle but in a good way.

But I understand your dilemma and how hard it is to get started. You show
you have a little ambition by talking about it. Interests can be as simple as reading current news on the internet, going for a walk, reading, cooking, watching educational stuff on TV, or doing yard work.

In the nineties and early 2000’s I wasn’t necessarily thrilled at living but I did all kinds of stuff anyway. I went to movies, comedy clubs, restaurants, plays, music stores, malls. Was I always happy and having a good time during those things? Not always. But I did it and I was always glad I did those things. But yeah, if your problem is lack of energy I suggest taking walks. It tires you out at first but it will eventually boost your energy level. Good luck.


Therapy is a good place to start. Goal setting, Reward system. Sometimes it’s just we are just weighed down by mundane chores we do forget to have fun. See if this helps any is a pdf

Was also a post on fun activities or hobbies by @SzAdmin if I remember rightly last year sometime. I couldn’t find it though the search engine but maybe he can help with that also.

Did find this though.


Think I found it.

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I have the same problem - my friend told me she feels sorry for me because I have no goals in life and no motivation. But I hang onto the small pleasures in life - a cup of coffee with my husband, or a good novel to read or a walk to the flea market on a Sunday, or the beach, or watching my goldfish. Think of the small pleasures in life, and maybe it will make your dull day a little more brighter! :sunny:


I needed a med change and therapy to get out of the flat wax build-up of no ambition.

Good luck, I hope you feel better soon.


Wait a second. This is miseducation. Sex is on the bottom of the pyramid, originally. Maslow was not ignorant of biology, most psychologists aren’t.

They don’t always teach the hierarchy of needs as it really is. Good thing the prof who taught me it did.

Sex is a basic need. If you think that’s incorrect, go look at surveys of how much people masturbate.

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The real hierarchy

Sexual intimacy and sex are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS go ask someone who has had both relationships and strictly casual sex. Casual sex is mutual masturbation.


yeah but i have also heard that maslows hierarchy needs a;so suffers some contradictions …
sex many times associates with esteems needs which is categorized (sex) in a lowest order in maslows needs pyramids…until u don’t fulfill sex need ur self esteem can be deteriorated…and few more…

Don’t worry about it any more unless you have to…Some of the older folks got mistreated so annoyingly or badly as kids, it was worth it to live on your own. Jobs were better paying then, sadly,scary (scarily?). Gotta be happy you have unemployment pay now with the screwed up people allowed to work over some workplaces in some cities, workers are getting screwed at multiple employers - not good sign. Or, pay is so low, staffing had to be cut so bad, you really are risking bad law suit to remain in life-death jobs that used to pay the bills, now $9…Better paying places have so much ‘social problems’ may not be able to afford all the trouble from the ruined ones who are discriminated against so badly it is death camp of fast food slow death or drug dealer fast/furious…Moving to city can get you in BIG trouble if you are still hearing things a lot…

Just amuse yourself and let it go…You need a few okay social contacts who accept you or relate is better if possible…I would keep up the looks/health/help around the house as focus & OH WELL!

I wish I had read this before my son died. He was living out in ghetto land when he died by suicide. That’s where his group home was located. He wanted to move back home with me, his mother, who lived mid town, but, I would not let him because my own illness could not take the stress anymore. He was still hearing voices very badly when he died. I’ll bet he could not take the stress of living out there., He did not say that in his suicide note, but, it may be a reason.

Maintain schedule, discipline

Flupenthixol 1mg and procyclidine 5mg

This ■■■■

But seriously, don’t do that.

CBT CBT CBT. And here’s why: CBT is known to reduce the need for meds over time for most pts who can stay with it. Lower dosage = lower apathy.

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Sorry,here’s an update-just take procyclidine,it’s great

Drugs is the recommendation?..wellll ok.

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