Next movie coming is The I making a mistake?

I know it’s a really scary movie but I know it by heart so I know when to look away…? I just can’t watch when he hugs the woman in the bathroom…that scene is horrible…haha…anyways, any other classic horror films I should watch?

Lol yeah terrible scene.

To me everybody ‘shines’ at me.

Creepy movie.

Next month I’m going to rent the t.v. show The Shining…it’s available I saw when I rented the movie…I liked the t.v. shows…it was out right before I got sick in 1997.

There is Alfred Hitchcocks “Psycho”. What a creepy masterpiece.

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Hitchcock was a genius. I was going to rent Halloween one but it said very long wait on it. dammit…I love that. I guess I’m going to have to go get an account at the family movie place in town. haha…

Room 1408 Is good

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The Birds.

Night of the Living Dead.
A cult classic. A simple premise, very creepy.

Nick is right the birds is a classic.

The fog the original is classic

Its a great movie man , because there maybe a bit of ‘magic’ going on, but it does have reality , in that it could equally pose as a story of mental illness with a few tweaks. Its a great great movie , in my top 10 of all time.

Bit more modern but now a classic

I liked ‘Candyman’

The exorcist is a good one

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A modern classic for me is the ‘Sixth Sense’ , a movie again that has a scary premise (ghosts , etc) but is just about people moving on , confronting the past and coming to terms with things. It also touches ironically how people become obsessed about things in their life and can see little else.

I assume you sz is under control , as it could be a delusional enducing movie if it wasn’t.

Again though its another movie with a strong ‘journey’ component to it (don’t like that word , but heck I’ll make allowances)

I am sorry but Horror/Violent movies, shows trigger me.
I cannot watch them