Halloween night movies

What’s your favorite? What’s good? Old and new?

the shining , class , easily the best

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Goooood one…

Also hella long though

cant think of anything as good ,out there on its own , and in my top 5 movies of all time , whats your favourite?

I don’t know… The nightmare before christmas was pretty good…

Looking for suggestions… I’d like it to be something I haven’t seen

cool , did you see sleepy hollow? another burton one…

I believe so… was a long time ago though…

It had depp right?

Blair witch project.

seen it 15151515151 (hah this might be fun)

good suggestion

yep , what about pans labyrnth

Excellent movie as well… Superb… of course I’ve seen it

“Mister Frost” with Jeff Goldblum.

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That sounds good and I haven’t seen it…

Reminds me of the cable guy with jim carry already

Edit: and its not on amazon prime…

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I will definitely see the nightmare before christmas. I haven’t seen it for like 6 years. :cupid:

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Type “Mr. frost handsoforloc” into youtube.

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thanks dude… I’ll definitely watch that at some point

we’re watching “stir of echoes” and “the sixth sense” tonight.


I would love to watch the sixth sense. I’ve seen a glimpse of it


sixth sense is GREEEEAAT

haven’t seen stir of echoes… ill look into it

The silent hill movies were supposed to be good… I can’t remember if they flopped or not

jacobs ladder is also in that vein