Next goal: become worldly

I enjoy a little drama sometimes, I always wanted to say something cool about myself. Like years ago when my sister said (about herself) “I’m a survivor”. It sounded so cool to say that about yourself. I was in my late teens or early twenties at the time and I sure didn’t feel I could announce something like that.

But it’s happened to me now. And I always here people saying , “Yeah, I’ve been around the block a few times”. That sounded great to say about ones self but I figured I couldn’t say that either. But it dawned on me lately that, yes, I’ve been around the block a few times in my life.

The last cool thing I always envied in a weird way was people who had near death experiences. I hear people on here having experiences like being threatened with knives or guns for example (which I doubt was fun at the time, but cool to say to someone later) or being in situations where they could have got really hurt. I always wanted to say something like that but I always felt I couldn’t.

But lo and behold, thinking back I have been in some precarious situations. So for once I got something I wanted, lol. I’m a little older but it’s like I’m having a new life, I’m sticking up for myself, saying the right things, impressing the right people. It’s fun! Maybe in a few years I’ll tackle being worldly.

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I think you’re selling yourself short. You sound like a worldly guy to me.


Wow, thanks @everhopeful. Maybe you’re right. I have traveled a little. But thanks.
Maybe at your successful family get-together you can chalk it up to being more mature and more comfortable with yourself.

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Sounds cool

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