New year resolutions? Anyone?

I typically have non but this year (upcoming year) is different. Lost 36 pounds already with diet and cardio the past 12 weeks, still have to lose another 4 then head back to weightlifting and try to crush it!

More importantly, I’ve “ordered” 7 years of confident files about the journals of my first/former psychiatrist, HAVE to go through it. I probably gonna sue him for negligence of my treatment when I had my first psychosis and the treatment I received. It’s going to be tough but have to do it!

Your 2019 resolutions?

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Damn that sounds rough…

How did he exactly neglect you if you dont mind me asking?

You dont have to tell if you dont want :slight_smile:

Well… I can tell you, I don’t really mind. I had a psychosis and that really happened but I was not delusional (well partially I was because of the hallucinations) but my psychiatrist and the hospital labeled me delusional and schizophrenic which later got downgraded to be a very plausible story by *other professionals.

So basically, for 7 years, it comes down to that I never got the treatment I should have received in the first place and I’m out for “blood” so to say…

Sorry to hear, I hope you find peace with your journey ahead whatever your decisions may be !

Ive also had numerous Psychiatrists over the years and sure my " worst " one was definitely my first one. I am sure it was due to all the confusion that was happening from my side and her side. After the 5th one it definitely got easier as i had an idea what was happening to me, well sort of lol :slight_smile:

Not to go against anything you said im sure you have your reasons, but just remember Psychiatrists are also human, and dealing and being diagnosed with mental health issues is no easy task for both parties involved. Psychiatrists also make mistakes, infact they made ALOT on me, but i held strong to the fact that their profession aint easy, and that " mental health "really still is in infant stages. Its a hit or miss. It really is a learning process from both parties.

I wish you well and hope your journey works out :slight_smile:

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I partially agree. But let’s face a fact, 1 out of 4 person in the Western society will face a psychiatric episode in their lifetime. Once they go to see their family doc they’re probably are redirected to psychiatry and will receive the necessary treatment that comes with a health team and/or therapy to get them back on their OWN feet ASAP.

With psychosis/schizophrenia it’s like they don’t care and put one (just like society does) on a pile like that person is “lost” forever…
I was very young and heck I didn’t know what was going on with me but I did not receive the proper treatment for many many years which caused a lot of more psychiatric problems that I saw my life go up in “flames” (so to speak). Even after my story got labeled as plausible my former psychiatrist was still an evil ■■■■■■■ to me and I’m really curious what he reported about me.

The psychiatrists I had after that were reluctant but really understanding after I told them about my past so I don’t even consider seeing their reports.

*Thanks for wishing me suppor in my tough journey!!

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Lose weight
Go to college September 2019
Manage anxiety and do things I used to be able to do


What are you going to study? (I wish I could study but my cognition is really messed up)
Where do you want to travel?

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I considering accounting course
I have home study bookkeeping course but abandoned it at the moment but hope to pick it up again new year then attend college to do AAT level 2
I want to go Scotland and places in UK
Would like go Europe but need someone to go with for that😃

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Same problem here with traveling… I’ve backpacked before to a “familiar” place but want to travel to foreign place (like Asia or Australia) but not just by myself, I really could use someone’s company.

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Yes I’d like go New York but not safe on own
Like go Italy mainly as I love Italian food
My boss at volunteer went Italy on own and said she had a great time

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