New to forum

Just wanted to say hi from Australia. Thanks for such a great site. Have been reading here for the last couple of months. Since being diagnosed 13years ago I have a lot of trouble with concentrating, trouble understanding and memory problems,therefore sometimes can’t follow the conversations on here but this forum has helped me so much already. Thanks again


Welcome to the forum Isabelle72. I do more reading than posting and have find this forum very helpful to gain some insight.

Helloooooooooooooooooooo…and welcome!

hey welcome,

Diagnosed in 1999 and found this amazing website…Learned a lot!

Got banned in the noughties because I took on this website and various folks who conspired to keep us mentally ill folk down but that is the drama of the internet…

I are north of Brisbane and learned a lot over the years…take your medications as prescribed and try to build a plan for those negatives and symptoms…we all have symptoms and it’s often about how we handle the medications…medications is the key!

Take care and welcome!

A friend in the struggle,


welcome @Isabelle72, here has helped us much too, hope complete health for you.

Hi, so nice to chat with people who are in Australia.

Hello and welcome to the forum. Hope you get some new ideas from this site. I know I do.

Thank you everyone for your very kind welcome.

hi :smile:

i am glad you like the site and have had the courage to post :thumbsup:

if you need any help please do not be afraid to ask, we offer advice and support

take care x

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Hiya welcome to this site - you will like it here

Hi, welcome to the forum, I spent a while hovering around the old boards but didn’t post as was worried whether I’d be accepted but when they created the new forum I created my account and posted and my welcome was very kind and accepting, I know I’ve got loads out of this forum and I hope you do too, take care!

welcome to the boards friend. ull find lots of support here. xxx