New symptoms and hallucinations

I used to think that it was bad dealing with just Auditory hallucinations. However recently I’ve had problems with the touch hallucinations. I used to think that people were playing music late at night trying to keep me up. I recently have been thinking that maybe the bass that I am feeling isn’t real. Anyone else encounter something like this where they discover a new type of hallucination that they have to deal with?

Also any ideas on the loud sound that is keeping me up. Everytime I have went outside to check up on it it would disappear. I used to think someone was trying to mess with me and I’ve even called the police a couple of times to check. I don’t think that they have come back with anything though. I try to ignore the sound but it is hard to sleep as I don’t even feel tired anymore at night. I’m going to see my doc soon and ask for some kind of sleep aid.

I have had sound, smell, taste, and visual hallucinations, but I don’t think I have had touch. I know they (hallucinations) can make it very difficult to trust anything you experience.

Yes I find myself looking back at the events over the years and asking myself what was real.

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I’ve found that it’s best to not do that, as for me it has just made things worse, because for the life of me I can’t distinguish what’s what, so I end up dwelling on things that have little impact on my life at the moment.

And I used to always be kept up by music that I could hear but couldn’t quite make out. Since being on Risperdal I don’t have that problem anymore.

Maybe I’ll try that. It certainly seems better than obsessing over what was said in the past.

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Hi @SP2342 my main ‘hallucinations’ are visual and tactile (like you’ve just experienced, they’re awful aren’t they?).

But lately I’ve had a few auditory ones that I can’t explain.

The only advice I can offer you is don’t try to pull your skin off and do speak to your psychiatrist about it.

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I’ll try to keep that in mind.

confirm for your own peace mind if the sound is actually there,
people in the congregation hall on the other side of this wall, or hallucinations of voices?

music coming from the fan, what happens when I turn it off?
Seeing a mouse out on the deck, or was that really just part of the wood?

The only problem is that the people that live with me notice when I check and they get worried. But I guess pretending everything is okay is not a good option either.

huh, well, it doesn’t sound like a good living situation,
I HAVE to ask my family if I smell,
If there is music in the attic,
if they hear popping in the walls,
do you think some of your life is too on edge
and causing you stress?

No right now the only thing that is bothering me is that the voices seems to go crazy when I sleep. Also I am having trouble getting to sleep that is not schizophrenia related. And there are tactile hallucinations that makes it feel like my body is being shaked or vibrated when I rest.

I get the sensation of bugs squirming under my skin. That’s why I suggested not trying to rip your skin off like I do.

The shaking and vibrating must feel really distressing though.

what about background noise while you sleep,

I’ve always gotta have a fan on

Music maybe?
What about natural sounds like ocean or birds?

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Just whatever noise that is already there I guess. I guess as long as the ambient noise isn’t too loud.

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