Can fish oil prevent schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders?

“The study was published in Nature Communications and details how a 12-week intervention with omega-3 supplements substantially reduced the long-term risk of developing psychotic disorders.”

"Study author Prof. Paul Amminger, from the University of Melbourne in Australia, and colleagues analyzed participants aged 13-25 years old who were deemed at risk of developing psychosis and schizophrenia.

A total of 81 individuals took part in the randomized and double-blind trial; 41 were assigned to take a 3-month daily course of fish oil, with the remaining group taking a placebo.

After the 3-month intervention period, all participants were monitored for another 12 months. At this point, 76 of the 81 participants had successfully completed the study, and it was found only two of the 41 individuals in the group taking fish oil had transitioned to a psychotic disorder.

In contrast, the figure for the placebo group was much higher, with 11 of the 40 participants going on to develop a psychotic disorder.

Only 10% developed a psychotic disorder within 7 years

Now 7 years from the original study, results revealed the majority of the individuals who undertook the fish oil still did not show signs of a psychotic disorder.

Only four of the 41 from the group who had taken fish oil for 3 months had gone on to develop a psychotic disorder since. Again, the figure was much higher for the placebo group, where 16 of the 40 developed a psychotic disorder."

“One possible limitation of the study is the relatively small sample group utilized by the researchers. Due to this, further analysis into subgroups was restricted.”

"The study concludes by saying fish oil “may offer a viable longer-term prevention strategy with minimal associated risk in young people at ultra-high risk of psychosis.” "

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