New stem-cell based stroke treatment repairs damaged brain tissue: Human


I will be only interested if they do this for Sz…!!! Wass up inshaAllah @Anon10…!!!


Great!! one treatment paves way for another. Human trials next year!! hope they are successful as well.
wonder why they are not that fast following any schizophrenia treatments. Any body got idea?

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An elderly relative of mine paid $10,000 for stem cells for arthritis. The treatment ended the arthritis for 2 months and then it came back. As it turned out the people doing it knew it would replace the cartilage in her body but not stop the process that caused the arthritis. That relative and her partner did not pay more for another treatment. But I imagine other people do. Some researchers are tricking some folks by doing it half ass and using it like a drug knowing people will come back for more. I don’t like the possibilities there. By the way i need to take another dose of meds soon because they’ll wear off if I don’t.

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Schizophrenics don’t generally have enough money to pay for them. It’s not a lucrative market for the people doing it. It’s great that it’s working for the stroke victims but as I described in another post on this topic some of it is being used in non-curative ways for a continuing money supply for the providers. There are more stroke victims as well so the value for the providers is not as little as they’d get from us. I’d like to add that a blood test and a vision test that had a high rate for detecting schizophrenia years ago were discontinued due to the companies not having enough money to put it to general use. When someone puts a hundred thousand or a million dollars into schizophrenia research that is a laughably small amount to the researchers. Alzheimer’s and stroke research is in the billions. If the US government stopped paying for schizophrenia meds they’d likely discontinue the more expensive ones and work on other projects. If we were lucky they’d lower the prices but I wouldn’t hold my breath. I also think a stem cell cure for schizophrenia is a long way off for the same reason and that the providers would look for ways to turn them into meds if they did.

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