New Schizophrenia Drugs in Clinical Trials - Large List

Here is a good list of all current new schizophrenia medication clinical Trials - many new potential things that can help.


Keeping my eyes on Cariprazine

Thanks! That`s a pretty good list.
Some of those names look scary though:}

is asepine the drug that targets that gene you use to go on about?

Why don’t they ever name them something I can pronounce? I feel like I need a linguistics course every time I ask a pharmacist about interactions…

I take Asenapine or Saphris. Its pretty good I like it better than the others I’ve tried.

how many of these are going to help with the negative symptoms?

Most of the existing drugs don’t help much on negative symptoms - but there are a large number of new medications that are in development and testing that do target negative symptoms:

See this link for the list:

nice!! thanks for posting drugs that are in developments. I was trying to search that up and couldn’t find much on it and now it helps a lot. thank you so much again!

This is probably the best list:

yup I meant to reply on this post.
now I have something to look forward to.