New Research Shows How Pot Causes Paranoia

Even though marijuana is known for creating a relaxing state of mind, in some rare situations, smoking the drug can lead to paranoia. In a new study, researchers from Britain set out to uncover how marijuana can cause paranoia. They discovered that the main active ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which calms the body and mind, is also responsible for paranoia.

“The study very convincingly shows that cannabis [marijuana] can cause short-term paranoia in some people,” study leader Daniel Freeman, professor of clinical psychology at the University of Oxford in England, said in a university news release reported by Philly. “But more importantly it shines a light on the way our mind encourages paranoia. Paranoia is likely to occur when we are worried, think negatively about ourselves, and experience unsettling changes in our perceptions.”

Read the full stoy here:


Marijuana made me paranoid every time I smoked. I never really enjoyed the high it gave me.

I smoked one puff of pot once, and I felt it made me paranoid, plus it gave me really bad wrinkles under my eyes.

I wasn’t just paranoid, the unholy beings in the sky began to stare me down frothing at the mouth and ■■■■!

It was crazy ■■■■!

It was similar to when sauron looks at people and they just freak out, not saying that that is real whatsoever, in anyway at all.

Besides, real men, and women, they need strong drink, weed is child’s stuff, it’s for people that don’t go through much of anything. Nah, people that go through things, real things, need strong drink, not pot.

Sorry to hear that pansdisease. I hope that you are ok now.

3 times was all I needed. After calling my mom twice, then chatting with multiple people asking if they were ok, then knawing my nails off wondering who wasn’t ok, I knew it wasn’t for me lol.

The methodology is so flawed in this study, injecting people with pure THC tells you very little about Cannabis more generally, which contains many other chemicals. Then there’s the fact that they only used people who have experienced paranoia in the last month (I didn’t see that mentioned in the link but it’s mentioned in the article in the Guardian about the study.