New pieces I'm

working on. Piano pieces: “Waltz From Swan Lake”, by Peter Tchaikovsky, and “Jazz Ostinato in C# Minor”, from the book: Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course, Lesson Book, Level Three. And exercises from the book: The Czerny Method for Piano.

I’ve got both these pieces and exercises down and ready to present to my teacher next Monday after Christmas already. And, now, I am just enjoying playing them.

Anything you guys are working on?


I used to be a piano teacher. It’s so good to hear that you are enjoying what you learn.


I need to learn something new on guitar, I haven’t learned anything for months now. I was thinking of learning classical gas, I have got used to pretty tricky riffs now. I just learned castles made of sand and that was pretty technical, so hopefully I could make a decent go of it.

Heres the song if you dont know what I mean.

Classical Gas is awesome! Nice version. Was Mason Williams the original artist?

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Yeah, I think so.

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