Getting pretty good at playing

my piano practice pieces, “Hungarian Dance No. 5”, by Brahms, and “Adagio in A Major”, by Morovsky. They are both a joy to play.

I also have practice exercises to do in my Czerny lesson book.

I am performing at the Later Intermediate level, according to my piano instructor.

What pieces are you guys all playing? And at what level of instrumental performance are you playing right now?


I’m mainly playing my own stuff but I think it’s pretty simple stuff.

It’s super cool that you’re able to play Hungarian dance no.5 thats one of my favorites!!

I am just using chord sheets right now but I love the Songbook app I downloaded for my Android tablet. It makes it a lot easier than carrying around a lot of papers.

I finally set up my Yamaha keyboard in our new apartment. I really missed it for a couple weeks. I got to try a Yamaha electronic piano with really nice weighted keys last week at the music club I go to. I played “Axel F”, “the Water is Wide” and some other fun tunes on it

I’m learning to bend the strings on my guitar, and I’m playing Wonderful Tonight. It’s a lot of fun!

I can not play anything, it is nice to hear you can play piano so well. I just enjoy my bicycle riding.

I try to write music moreso than play other pieces. But I was working on Comptine d’Un Autre Ete by Yann Tiersen a couple weeks ago and I can play it pretty well now.

Good on you for getting so good at piano! I wish I had the discipline to get to half your level lol

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