New Medication: Richter And Actavis Announce Positive Results For Cariprazine Schizophrenia Drug

This new medication looks interesting:

Hungarian drug maker Richter and its partner Actavis announced that the third phase of trials for the anti-psychotic drug Cariprazine was successful.

Cariprazine is designed to treat relapse in schizophrenia patients. During Phase III, each of the subjects given the drug showed positive results, Reuters reported.

The drug was associated with a 55 percent reduction in the risk of relapse, the companies said in a statement on Tuesday.

To test the effectiveness of Cariprazine, 101 patients were given three to nine milligrams of the drug each day. Ninety-nine other were given a placebo.

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55% doesn’t sound all that good

Perhaps not - but I’m sure if you’re in the 55% who don’t relapse you think its great.

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Is it 55% per year though?

CBD natural anti psychotic, all you need…

This new drug is being tested for depression - It is just going to be another activating, anxiety inducing new atypical.
I cannot wait for the CBD antipsychotics to be coming out - As a person with a lot of anxiety, the newer atypicals that are better for you body, are worse for my mind

Looks very promising. 55% is pretty high actually. :smile: