New Lounge Category - for General Discussions / Non-Sz issues/ Fun / Etc

He Everyone,

We now have a “Lounge” category for all the general and other types of social / fun/ non-specific discussions that people seem to increasingly like having.

I think this is great - and we want to support it better by creating a special place for them. This lounge is open to everyone - diagnosed, family member, or other interested parties. The same site guidelines apply of course.

This would be a good place for those long and fun and random discussions and chats, or caption contests, etc. - anything that isn’t specifically sz or symptom or support related.

We’re going to start moving posts like this over there that we think belong there - but it would be great if you started just posting there from the start.



This was a great idea that @MrSquirrel had. Thanks for letting us have fun! You two work too hard!

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Yeah… good call. Takes away from the doom and gloom of almost everything being said on here being labeled under “DIAGNOSED.” (We’re mentally ill we get it)

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