New job at Telecare

I just wanted to update anyone who has an interest that I started my new job as a peer support specialist in San Diego. I just hope maybe I can inspire others that full time work is possible and can be highly satisfying. It’s still early on and will see if the stress with this job is too much or I can manage the stress in a good way and continue to work. If anyone is interested this type of work can be easier than most because we’re turning our mental health challenges into something positive in that we’re helping others in their recovery. I had kind of a spark in my life after I took a class called Peer Employment Training or PET with a company called Recovery Innovations. It’s now called RI International. If anyone has an interest in taking this check it out. It was very beneficial for me. Full time work is possible and making our own money and not leaning on the government for ever is possible. Live in the moment!


Good on you @JeffSimpson11

Thanks Turtle! Have an awesome weekend!

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