Well I'm back to work full time now for five months!

I’ve been at Telecare Agewise for about 5 months and it’s going well. I’m working as a peer support specialist. We can work full time and get the job done even though we were diagnosed with this disease called schizophrenia. I’ve used schizophrenia to my advantage and tried to give support and encouragement to this with serious mental illnesses. Such as schizophrenia, bipolar and sever depression. Yes we can handle the stress. And yes we can make a contribution to society and our community. You might want to check it out.That is peer support specialist as it’s called in California is awesome and turning a so calle negative into a positive. Working in the behavioral health field is very rewarding! We’ve been there and done that in the sense we’ve been sick ourselves and can help others.


Good job, @JeffSimpson11

A very inspiring post! :sunny:

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That’s great Jeff, congrats :slight_smile:

Amazing work! I’m very happy for your hard work and success I hope you’re proud too!

Awesome congrats

Well done @JeffSimpson11! Work is possible! And it’s good for recovery.

That’s awesome :slight_smile: Congratulations!

Way to go Minnii!

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Thanks neveragain!