New haircut 2017

Wow you look great. …just in time for Canada Day :slight_smile:

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The king had his barber come to the castle (naturally), and when asked how he wanted his royal hair cut, the king replied,
"In silence."

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@nanse Thank you, I still hate seeing my own pictures, but I am happy with the cut, it is a lot easier to handle. I don’t particularly care for the whole salon experience, I always feel awkward sitting in the chair. I mean what do you talk about with someone you’ll probably only see once and only for a few minutes. Surely you don’t talk politics, or religion, or divulge into your health history. I don’t do a whole lot in my spare time like I don’t regularly go to movies, or out and about where I have something exciting to talk about. I may make some small talk about how the weather’s been but even that feels forced and unnatural. Then it goes quiet again. Usually they continue talking to other clients or the other stylists and I can sit quietly in the chair praying they don’t screw up to badly. But this time it was real early in the morning, and it was relatively quiet in the salon it was awkward.

I know right? I hate that about getting my haircut.

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You’re not their to talk to them, but if you don’t say anything it gets awkward quick…

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I don’t know, I cut hair professionally for almost 14 years, pretty much all I did with the exception of a few stinky perms.

I usually took my cue from my clients about talking other than the initial questions about what they wanted, and then I let them set the pace to talk or not talk.

Rarely did I probe their personal life, I figured if they wanted to tell me about themselves, they would do so. If not I respected their wish- sometimes it was their only moment of peace and quiet away from their busy life.

Silence shouldn’t be thought of awkward, it kind of commands a respect.