New edition of Surviving Schizophrenia coming out soon


Hi everyone. I thought it would be a good idea to pass the info along. But the classic book “Surviving Schizophrenia” is due soon for a seventh edition.

I’ll post more info soon, or an article if I can come across one.


I would not like to read a book about surviving schizophrenia. I would find that boring. Just take the medication and don’t overthink things.


I sure hope we don’t die of schizophrenia, or they didn’t tell us something about this illness


@John_Raven, Schizophrenics can lead very healthy and fulfilling lives. The book is titled “Surviving Schizophrenia” because it talks about the different medications, sz research, recovery models, and coping strategies for our illness.

It’s a fairly empowering book.

Be well. :v:


What is new in this edition?


Great - where can I buy it? (I am from Poland)


@martinhersey1, I’m unsure what’s going to be new in the seventh edition. I tried finding an article about it last night, but couldn’t find anything.

@aceracc, Do you have Amazon in Poland? Or perhaps Google will help you locate it at a bookstore near you. I’m unsure when the seventh edition will be released in Poland, but it’s due out in America near the end of March, 2019.

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Thank you for posting this link @Wave. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info about the book @Montezuma!


I mentioned this to my grandmother and she said she’s gonna have it waiting for me when I get back. I wasn’t even asking her for it lol. I guess I’ll be reading it in a fwe weeks.


Wow, that’s really sweet of your grandmother :slight_smile: . I have the sixth edition, but if I have enough money I’ll most likely order the newest edition when it comes out.

I was going to post about another new book I ordered written by someone with sza, bipolar type. But I haven’t read it yet. Also, I had a hard time finding a wiki page or a link from the publisher about the book.

Be well. :v:


@Montezuma Thanks for the info. Nope, we don’t have Amazon in Poland… It can be problem to buy this book in Poland via bookstore and another way, although I would love to have it (I read in English). I will try to find it in a foreign online shop that sends books abroad, but it might be hard… Maybe I can pay you guys including the shipment to Poland and you just send it ? xD


I read much of the sixth edition


Thanks for the book recommendation everyone


It’s fine I have just placed pre-order within - they most probably send it to Poland <yay!>