I want to learn more about sz

I use to look up things I was diagnosed with but now I feel like I’ve forgotten or just haven’t looked up sz can anyone tell me more or post a link to a site that is relatively easy to read and understand? I’d really appreciate any help I can get

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How about reading a book called surviving schizophrenia

It’s really informative about sz!!

I was going to suggest the same book as Gratitude. Surviving Schizophrenia just came out in a new edition. It’s an excellent resource and inexpensive.

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@Shmookitty what edition is the latest?

It’s the 7th Edition that just came out. You can get it on Amazon Here


@Shmookitty thank you so much

I always thought all you really need to know is positive and negative symptoms. Anything more than that will not help you much.

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