New cache of fresh neurons found in human brains.. may be used to treat brain disorders

Brain cell regeneration has been discovered in a new location in human brains. The finding raises hopes that these cells could be used to help people recover after a stroke, or to treat other brain diseases.


I feel silly because when I read the title of this post it reminded me of zombie movies, “fresh neurons found in human brains.” Yum!


Interesting. I’m 66 and read a book called “Boost Your Brain” in which the author suggests exercise and DHA (fish oil component) might build new brain cells.

I think that the “exercise helps the brain” is well researched. I’ve seen conflicting evidence on the whole area of DHA - but it can’t hurt.

For some reason I do not like new scientist articles, they are complicated to read. But I do like their topics. Some people think supplements are useless. They have never really benefited me. Would schizophrenia be considered a neurodegenerative disease?