Never order from Adore Me

I’ve placed two orders from Adore Me and they’ve lost my original order,

That replacement order,

And my current order.

I only placed the two subsequent orders because of store credits.

Anyway, they have good stuff, when it eventually gets to you after a month or two,

And like eight phone calls to the company complaining that your order never arrived.

I’m about to call and give them hell about losing my last order then I’m never doing business with them again.


Avoid them if you can.

Just some lingerie advice from a ■■■■■ who knows.


That’s terrible. You’re trying to do something nice for yourself and it turns into a big old headache. What a bunch of asshats.

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I’m mad about it.

Hopefully they get me a replacement and it actually arrives.

Or I’m getting my money back.

I’ll tell them the same thing I tell everyone,

I’ve got no job and I’m crazy, I will call and call until I get my way.

Works every time.

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lol, you tell em girl

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Squeeky wheel gets the grease…good for you.

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I need that kinda persistance lol. My kinda crazy is getting distracted by shiny things on the edge of my vision then wondering about it and forgetting what I was doing


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