Neurotic people tend to be more creative

Neurotic people who constantly worry and brood over negative thoughts are likely to be more creative, a new study has found.

The part of the brain responsible for self-generated thought is highly active in neuroticism, which yields both of the trait’s positives (creativity) and negatives (misery), researchers said.

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I read about this same study in Pacific Standard last night!

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According to my pdoc, I am highly Neurotic - I am creative as well.

I’m the same.

This was kind of interesting to me, though somewhat tangential:

My mom sent this to me last night with the note that she felt like this explained me to her - not that I have aphantasia, but that I have hyperphantasia (which the article barely touches on), an unusually overdeveloped capacity to imagine and envision. I looked up hyperphantasia to see if there was anything about it particularly, and almost all references were from old books on dementia praecox, schizophrenia.

I don’t know what kind of attention is paid to this nowadays, but they seemed to once link this capability to hallucinations and delusions.

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can neurotic person also have psychotic symptoms.

Creativity is probably a form of compensation - a very valuable form.

Yes I am highly Neurotic that sometimes goes into a psychotic area with my bipolar disorder