Are people with sz more creative?

I see so many great artists of all types here and I cant help but think that the sz might have something to do with it.

Is the art therapeutic to people or can people with sz just think outside the box more? Either way I love it


Schizotypy (personality trait related to sz that runs in the same families) is similar to creative thinking in some ways. Of course, to really be highly creative, you also need to have good cognitive functioning. At least in the ways that enable you to think coherently and produce something.


I think us Sz types think outside of the box more, because when we are paranoid/ psychotic we have to see everything that is coming at us…real or imagined. Our guard is always up, and we’re constantly looking for clues and connecting random dots.

I’m sure this type of thinking filters into our very core, even when we’ve found the right medication…that residual way of overthinking stays with you to a degree.

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I’m not an artist as in drawing, but I write. Honestly not sure if they’re any good, I just do it for the therapeutic factor.

I think youre right that our overthinking and connecting dots has something to do with it. It just takes channeling it into something to end up with a work of art

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It’s almost a cliche about the connection between madness and genius. Handel wrote “The Messiah” in three weeks during a manic high. And we’ve all heard about Van Ghoh. I’d say that if the sz doesn’t destroy the artist, there is a good liklihood that someone committed to art will produce something good.

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I’m sza but I was creative long before I was diagnosed.
I’ve had ADHD all my life and I’m certain that’s why I’m creative.

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I heard we are less creative.

There are many examples of severely mentally ill people that are creative geniuses.
There is definitely a connection.

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I am an artist and have sza. Several times in the past I painted when I was hypomanic. But now the motivation is low. But I love my art and my favourite artist is van Gogh. Love his energy and colours :slight_smile:

I do a lot of things. Paint. Draw. Crochet. Knit a little. Sculpture a bit. Writing is my main art. I find that I can’t write well with antidepressants but on antipsychotics I can still reach that creative well of ideas.

So yeah. I think my brand of crazy fuels artistic ability or want.

The SZs who remain intact cognitively are more creative, I’d say. Unfortunately, so many take a cognitive hit that I find they are less creative overall.


So true. Lately the meds are keeping me more stable so I can let my creative side out

Maybe but AP totally destroy any creativity you may have.

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I think it depends on the person. I’m too analytical to be creative. I can’t pain or draw to save my life. But if you consider cake baking and long stitch creative, then i guess i have a little creative flair. But not like some people here. I love seeing the posted artwork.

I think a modicum of schizotypy leads to enhanced,creative thinking. If however you’re a chronic, severely ill, possibly unmedicated person with schizophrenia your creativity is likely to be in the toilet.


It used to be I couldn’t do rock ‘n’ roll on my bass guitar without having religious delusions. On medication, now I can play the stuff. And the notes I produce still sound as good as when I was psychotic. Therefore, my drug therapy has helped my creativity, not hindered.

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I do wonder whether creativity diminishes the more chronically ill you become. I was never outstandingly creative bu think I was quite a bit more creative in my younger days.

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