More evidence of association between bipolar disorder and artistic creativity

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I’ve always been very creative in poetry, writing, drawing, and music (both playing and composing).

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These meds have significantly dampened my creativity


I work hard to be creative in spite of my illnesses.

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Its hit and miss. The creativity isnt always goal oriented lol.

Plus im not sure it outweighs having to deal with depressive states of mind

I don’t worry if I go out for photos and come home with an empty memory card. The important thing is to be out of the house and trying to be creative.

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Ignore, commented on wrong post.

Very true.
I think having divergent thinking is good thing to have

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No surprise to me.

When you think outside of the box, you set yourself apart from the pack.

Yeah I have some creativity. But I don’t know if I have any bi-polar tendencies other than getting excited about certain weather events.

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