NeuroScientific targets Alzheimer's cure


In the animal models, this drug was given to rats that had their optic nerves severed and in the course of four weeks you could see that the optic nerve had regenerated," he said. “That’s a phenomenal thing.”

He said the drug took a different approach to Alzheimer’s, focusing on regenerating brain cells rather than reducing the beta plaque that causes the disease.

Mr Liddelow said the novel approach meant that if the drug was shown to be effective, it would have a range of applications.

“It’s potentially a disease modifier,” he said. “At the very least it will slow down the progression of the disease. The way it works, it has application across a number of neurodegenerative diseases and it could potentially treat a raft of conditions.”


Whats the name of medicine…!!!


I dont think the compound has a name yet.


Okay man its time for sz now…!!! Its urgent…!!!


It’s a bold claim from the Perth-based company that will inject a large proportion of the funds raised through the issue of 25 million shares at 20¢ each into the development of its lead candidate drug, EmtinB.

Its called EmtinB.


Lets hope for sz cure too…!!


Id say we are 15 to 20 yrs from a cure for Alzheimers. We are close to a cure but we are just not there yet.

For sz, we just dont know what is the cause of the disease. We would need to identify the root cause of the disease first before hoping to find a cure.

@twinklestars how long before we get a cure for sz or at least a tremendous paradigm shift in the way MIs ae treated? Also how long before Alzheimers is cured?


If they find out root cause … there will be highley effective medication for sz…its like a cure…!!!

Stem cell and crispr not in our life time…

I request u to seek for better and effective medication… i have lot of doubts in stem cell and crispr…

Sorry i am not preaching u… u are right on ur own way… lets hear from sis @twinklestars


Stem cells could still be very effective. I believe its a promising avenue of research.


That’s great. In terms of schizophrenia, I was told in a past life, SZ’s new theory is remembering past lives and getting memories mixed up. I was also told quantum consciousness was real. I remember seeing stuff like shadow creatures and angels. I don’t hallucinate. It’s sort of like the TV show legion, where they had the old theory and now the new theory and humans are beginning to evolve. I notice some meds block or clear my memories. It’s nice. It’s like I’m confusing my other lives in the multi verse. Similar to how a quantum computer can access parallel world’s to solve answers.

Anyways, nothing I said will help find a cure.


I don’t know. But if I were to guess, there will be some major developments in the next 10-20 years. I think there’s some consensus that there are multiple physiological causes of sz and sz symptoms, so it will be difficult to have one treatment work for everyone. Although perhaps stem cells could be an exception with broad efficacy. There’s also promise in the genetic therapies (and drugs can act epigenetically).

I think we will get there eventually.


I haven’t read anything about this drug, other than this article. But I hope it will be useful. It sounds like a unique mechanism of action.