Human trials of Alzheimer 'cure'


THE FIRST human trials of a ground-breaking drug shown to repair DNA damage that contributes to Alzheimer’s disease will be launched this week, in a move scientists hope could lead to a cure. The study, being launched in the UK, and hospitals in France and Spain, will, for the first time, see the neuro-degenerative condition treated with an agent which acts as a DNA repair kit to restore memory and reverse behavioural changes such as aggression and social avoidance.


Hope they will bring down medication for sz mainly for cognitive and negative symptoms. . Holy cow…


Do u know what is that medicine called…?? Haha


Alzheimer’s sucks
Really hope they find cure


The drug, known as ORY-2001, contains a small molecule which inhibits two enzymes in the brain, LSD1 and MAOB, which are responsible for promoting DNA damage and inhibiting repair.

By blocking their action, the new drug repairs and prevents further damage.


We are eager to hear same news on sz too…!!!


Well this alzheimer drug sounds promising. From the other article that i posted.

There might be crossover from alzheimer to sz. Who knows?!


Lets hope for sz too… are we lucky yet…


Thank you @GentleSoul!


Lets hope that they find a cure for Alzheimer’s soon.
I want my mom back.