Netflix castlevania

season 1 is out… and pretty good… its only 4 episodes but I like it… vampires, magic, blood, and dungeons… they did an awesome job with the fighting styles for the various weapons…the stories pretty good and the characters are well done… did anyone else watch this yet?

ive turned into my great grandma watching my stories and playing cards… she like wheel of fortune and the price is right and she played solitaire… I like Netflix and youtube and play gwent lol… the more things change the more they stay the same… I hope all is well…


The games were fun u can get a Nintendo emulator and play the first three

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maybe if the animated series gets enough attention they will put out an updated and good castlevania… I did enjoy the older ones but I didn’t really like any of the later ones that I tried anyway…

It’s awesome. Just watched all 4 episodes! Really really good!

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I like when alucard was kinda talking trash and then gets hit with the whip and goes flying lol… or when the main char kinda taunts the bad guys the second day… something like be careful with that knife you might lose an eye… lol, I was only disappointed that a whole season was 4 episodes…

I’m on the second episode. I really like it so far.

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