Nervous over a new doctor


I was diagnosed in my 30th year. I am told this is rather late for a man.
Since that time I have gone from stellazine to zyprexa. I am 55 years old now.

I have had the same job for 29 years and have owned my own place for 15 years. I still have problems. Most of them to do with anxiety coupled with a lack of motivation.

My latest worry however is that the Pdoc I have been seeing since I was 30 is retiring the end of this month and I will have to get to know a new and younger doctor.

This worries me as I felt kind of secure with the old doctor and also the worry that my new doctor may want to try some new therapy or med on me.

We will see I guess. But I am definitely worried


If you are stable, have the new doc just keep you on what you are on.

Take initiative with a young person straight out of med school. My psychiatrist is older and said that his experience is what guides his treatment, much less what he learned in school ages ago. He’s really great.

So I don’t mean to brag but I am uncannily highly functioning and also physically and socially robust, which is strange, uncommon. I am an experienced weight lifter and retired fighter, I look intimidating. But anyways, my point is that my team of doctors are all gray haired and older. They’re better. So tell the new most likely arrogant kid who loves being called “Doctor” what you need and make him/her serve your needs.

You’re independent and you need to stay that way. Good on you.

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My doc has been getting me ready for the “R” word… (retirement)

I’m learning how to self advocate and be more involved with my health. I just have to remember to be confident and speak up when something is happening.

Good luck and I hope things go well for you

I moved to a new state and had to stop seeing my old psychiatrist. Just recently in fact. I met with my new psychiatrist two days ago. I was reasonably apprehensive as I am 73 and had been seeing my previous psychiatrist, who is 72, for quite a while. To my surprise, the new psychiatrist was middle aged, a woman and black. I am dealing with the county here in a county facility. After an intake interview, she referred me to a nurse practitioner, who will be writing my prescriptions. I spoke up with the psychiatrist and asked her for free samples, which she promptly produced. So I walked out of there with the medication I wanted and it was free! And, I was free of her too (She referred me to the nurse practitioner!)

I am worried also.

I have had the same psychiatrist for 21yrs.

He should be retiring any time.