Nervous around my boss


I’m fine when around my co-workers. I do occasionally become a tad paranoid and wonder what’s happening/ not happening. Nothing some deep breathing and cigarette break can’t fix. When my boss comes around, I get nervous. I think I have a complex to him and authority figures in general. I’ve known him three years now but always feel so awkward and self-conscious when he appears. Maybe it’s because he is the one who has the say of whether I stay or go on the job. Does anyone know any techniques to get around this?

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How long have you been on the job? Try and remind yourself that you’ve been there for whatever amount of time and you still have your job, therefore you must be doing a good job in your boss’ eyes. Maybe some deep breathing would help, too.

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3.5 years. I’ve known my jefe for about three of those years. At some point one would reason that I’d be at the very least comfortable in his presence. But not the case, I feel as though he thinks I’m an idiot. Maybe I do do a good job but my effin brain tells me otherwise. Guess I’ll just have to man up.

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Maybe this will help you?

Remember that a dog has a boss, a human has a employer…


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