Nervous about School budget vote

Today the community votes on the school budget. It includes a large increase funding request for our library.

Nervous and hopeful


Hope it works out well for ya’ll. I’d imagine a stressful process so good luck.

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I hope it passes. Education in general is in dire need of more funding

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Thanks guys.

We are the least funded but the only 4 day a week summer reading camp in the 5 cpunty library system. We are well loved by the community, so we usually get increases. It’s just nerve wracking because this is the largest we ever asked for.

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Wow. Very cool thing you’re doing. I really hope you get the funds!

Hey good luck that sounds really cool

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Thanks, you!

In other library news, we got the check for my grant last Thursday, the one I did an acceptance speech for.

Yesterday my boss ordered everything Amazon list PLUS a projector and screen!

She ALSO approved 2 of my ideas- putting up a patron suggestion box and…starting a farmer’s market on our property each weekend!


Those are great ideas! Do you have a degree in library science by any chance?

Nope. At this point it would be a waste of thousands of dollars that I would never make back.

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Just ran the farmer’s market idea by a board member! She loves it!


Well, even if you’re not going to be a full fledged librarian, I think you’ve found your calling. You’re definitely in the right place doing the right thing

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