Nervous about a good day


Does anyone else get a bit nervous if a day goes TOO well? It’s almost like it’s too good to be true or it can’t last or it will all end tomorrow or soon.

Today was a very good day. Got a lot caught up at work, saw a friend and we almost managed to swim a 500 in under 10 minutes.

I managed to sew the buttons back on both my favorite pairs of jeans. That’s two more pairs of pants I don’t have to buy now.

Got a good grade on my english paper, Did a solid B on my math homework, and managed to make a decent soup and not burn anything. I even used the phone again and made a call out. It worked out well. I managed to get three more boxes of odds and ends out of the house and donate them. (kitchen stuff we will never need.)

I am very seriously contemplating burning my kidnapping training journals this weekend. They are closer to the door then they used to be.

As I sit here in this slightly cleaner apartment with a little more space and enjoy a bowl of soup while my sis does her homework, I’m feeling that all is well.

But then, is it too well?

Does anyone else get like this?


I do. I usually get thoughts of getting into a wreck and dying if I’m about to get in my car. I’ll sometimes fear that one of my parents will die. I try to think of something else or be mindful of what I’m doing.


I’m a bit on those lines. I don’t want to die by any stretch. If an accident takes me quick, I wouldn’t know or have a say. But I would hate it worse if I was so physically maimed that I’m even more of a burden then I was before. I do worry about that at times.

I’m also worse then my parents if my sis is late home from anywhere.


I have morbid thoughts about myself and my family dying. I hate that. But if a day goes well, I am pleased not worried. When life is good then make the most of it. Everyone has good days and bad days but most of us muddle through somewhere in the middle. I think a lot of depressed people think other people have it easy. They have just as many problems as us it’s just that their problems r different. The grass isn’t always greener as it were. Just enjoy the good times and try and get through the bad. That’s what I do anyway. Xxx


You’ve worked so hard to get to where you are today! You deserve to enjoy many, many more good days ahead. Just stay positive and stay in the moment!




Being maimed would be awful.
I tend to worry from my own invention more than from actual events. It’s like I just block some things out.


i am always like that i think it is just a sz thing !
but good on you for having an awesome day, and using the telephone…thirty five steps ahead of me…
take care