Neroleptic malignant syndrome

My daughter was brought by me to the ER on 8th of October. She hadn’t slept but maybe 8hrs in 6 days and also had admitted to smoking something that she had no idea what with a friend.
Instead of addressing the reason we came into the ER. The ER doctor developed his own conclusion and said he my 18 year old daughter was having a manifestation of Pyscotic epsiode. Maybe possibly due to whatever she had smoked. He thought possibly K2 was involved. He decided to inject her with 100mg of a haldol decanoate 30 day slow releasing medicine. And also 2 shots of 1mg LARazepam. Told me thus will help calm her and help her get some rest. Sent us home.
My daughter slept for 3 maybe 4 hrs. And was up and tearing up the house again. Origanlly why I brought her up there to begin with. Not making good choices,having some hallucinations and just not herself. By the 10th of October things had gotten worse. She was starting to become very agaitated and not orientated with the world around her.
I tried to get her to go back to the hospital but she just would not go. I had to call the police to take her up. Once back at ER the ER doctor decided she needed to be admitted into the pysc ward.
Once in the pysc ward she was diagnosed with bipolar 1 pycosis and put on 5mg of zeprexa every night at bedtime. On the 15th she was released with a generic prescription for olanzapine 2.5mg.
By the 19th I was rushing my daughter to the ER once again. She was near death.
They diagnosed her with Neroleptic Malignant Syndrome. Which is a rare life threatning condition due to antipsychotic medicine.
She was in the icu for 4 days and hospitalized on the medical floor till the 2nd of November.
It’s the 10th of November and still has muscle ridgity,dazed and confused look on her face at times,speech is still somewhat slow and response time still delayed. CK levels high as well.
She has a home health nurse coming to the home twice weekly and physical and occupational thearpy coming to our home as well twice a week.
My concerns are will there be any life long damages done by this syndrome? Or possibly by the medication to help ease the side effects of the syndrome. Which are Dantrolene and amantadine.

I was looking up some info. on this. Sounds like nms from the antipsychotic medicine—but what is the doctor saying?? Did they do a blood test on her when she was first admitted?
This is awful, but I cant find any answers for you-accept what is on the internet-but again-the doctor should know this. He should also know about anything else she was taking. Some drugs intereact in a bad way with an AP. Im sorry I have no answers for you.
Wishing you luck OO

She was diagnosed with NMS
From the haldol injection giving to her