Neo discovers he still knows kung fu in latest Matrix Resurrections trailer

Everybody’s favourite triggering movie :popcorn::movie_camera:

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Where did Morpheus go?


That’s what I wanna know

I can’t wait to watch this movie!!


What is matrix about anyways

I’ve watched it and I don’t even know. Something about the ‘real’ world I’m not sure.

And neo is the chosen one not sure of his purpose though.

Have u never watched it?

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@Mae I’ve watched the first one numerous times… but was thinking back now and I don’t really know what is about😶

It has cool actions absolutely.

Is it about neurotransmitters and how it migrates from neuro-plate stage of the embryo and morphological formation in gestation? Is NEO neo cortex?

Or is about psychosis…?

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I don’t know :cold_face:

Yea I watched it ages ago too :slight_smile:

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It’s a good movie.

I’m glad Keanu Reeves is still at it :sunglasses:

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